Bronwyn Butterfield (she/her) is a self-taught artist, predominantly creating beadwork. Bronwyn began painting and drawing at a very young age and while this has been prevalent throughout her entire life, she has recently delved into beadwork. Her family is of Cree-Métis-Scottish ancestry (McLeod) from Kinosewi-Sipihk (Norway House, MB), as well as Ukrainian ancestry. Bronwyn is based out of Treaty 1 territory, in Winnipeg, Canada, where she was born and raised.

Bronwyn's inspiration to bead began in 2018 upon hearing the story of her dad tragically losing his beaded gauntlets in a fire. Through her attendance at a weekly Métis beading group, Bronwyn learned appliqué style two-needle beading before slowing moving into hand weaving. Since learning to hand weave, Bronwyn has recently focused on creating beaded earrings, which has been her way of expressing her complicated identity as a Métis woman living in a dynamic urban setting, displaced from her traditional territory. After learning both techniques slowly over the years, Bronwyn has found a personal style that speaks to her mixed identity, and hopes to continue to learn and grow her technique, and to continue to give life to family patterns as well as her own creations and designs. In addition to beadwork, Bronwyn has been enjoying learning to read, write and speak Cree (the language of her grandmother).

Additionally, Bronwyn is a graduate from the University of Winnipeg, with a BA (Hons.) in Human Geography, with a narrow focus on both post/neo-colonialism and cultural geography.


photos © Nawal Sagher