frequently asked questions


Where can I buy your work?

Currently, my work is available through my online store. Occasionally, I will also open up spots for products made to order.

When do you restock your online shop?

I will typically restock my website every month or two. I announce when I will be doing these via Instagram and my email newsletter. Occasionally, I will do smaller surprise drops throughout the month which I will post about on Instagram.

Can you let me know when you open up spots for custom orders?

Unfortunately, no. I have many people asking to place orders daily, and keeping track of who to contact when I open up spots for custom orders does not work for me.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, shipping rates apply accordingly.

What is the best way to be notified about when your products will be available?

I recommend keeping up to date with me on Instagram. I will always post about when I will be having sales. I also have an email subscription at the bottom of my website page (I won't harass you) and I will sometimes have special opportunities for email subscribers!

Do you supply wholesale/consignment to stockists or retailers?

No. Unfortunately, I cannot afford the cut that these agreements often require. In some cases such as special opportunities/online marketplaces I will consider it. If you would like more information about this please do not hesitate to send me an email.

Do you take commissions/custom orders?

I sometimes take commissions, depending on my schedule. If there is a piece that you are interested in, I am always willing to consider it, depending on my schedule. I appreciate a 1-2 month’s notice for commissioned pieces.  

I will sometimes open up "spots" for pieces made to order, which I will announce through email and Instagram. I really appreciate if you wait for these times to place an order with me.

How can I place an order for a commission/custom order?

Sending me an e-mail ( is the best way to contact me for a commissioned piece, and I will always respond within the week. I occasionally check my DMs on instagram, however the most reliable way that I can be reached is through e-mail.

Please include a screenshot or description of what piece you are hoping for, bead colours, piece size, timeline and what the commission is for (special event, wedding, for fun etc.). I am open to recreating some of my previous designs, and I will always provide a reasoning as to why I do not wish to recreate a design.

I will NOT recreate another artists work. 

Do you run workshops?

I do not run online workshops. However, I am open to hosting in-person workshops as long as strict COVID-19 protocols are in place.

Normally, I run workshops for a maximum of 10 participants. Workshop fees are negotiable. I can also teach individual or private group lessons (3 participants max). I am open to teaching hand weaving - as I believe this is a way that everyone can enjoy beading. I am open to teaching two needle beading to Indigenous folks only. Please email me if you are interested in me having me host a workshop, or interested in beading lessons.

Can I wear your pieces if I am non-Indigenous?

Yes. By buying my work, you are directly supporting a Métis artist. My pieces are not regalia.